True Style Endures

style advice Oct 25, 2018

I’ve had a cheeky little grin on my face all week because I reinforced one of my own beliefs and teachings and didn’t even know I’d done it.

I’m busy working on a client project that required me to put together a scrapbook of concepts for her. After I’d gathered together her images, I pulled out what I thought was an unused display book from my little stationary stash and lo and behold it was an example of a style book.

My own style book, that I’d put...

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Be More Body Positive

body positivity Oct 24, 2018

Why are so many of us unhappy with our own bodies?

Do we have any idea what real female bodies look like anymore? We appear to be bombarded on a daily basis of 'perfect women' with their 'perfect bodies'. We begin to see our own bodies as somewhat imperfect - we are either too fat, or too thin, too short or too tall, and so on. But there is no wrong way to have a body, we just think what we have is wrong.

It’s a huge step to turn decades of marketing and idealism around. We must stop...

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Fashion's Dirty Secrets

sustainable fashion Oct 17, 2018

#FashionsDirtySecrets has got the nation talking about clothing consumption.

It’s impossible not to talk about sustainability when it comes to the Fashion Industry. From the UN Report on climate change, which was released this week with its stark warnings, to the BBC1 documentary on Fashions Dirty Secrets.   

Me being me, I couldn’t help myself pull together a few observations of my own. Generally, what I find is that the temptation to buy more wins over the...

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Make A Capsule Wardrobe Work For You

style advice Aug 31, 2018

The alarm clock rings and you reach for the snooze button. The kids/dog are still sleeping and you can sneak an extra ten minutes in the warmth and comfort of your duvet. Hopeful in the thought that maybe today, when you open your wardrobe, there will be exactly what you want to wear jumping up and down on the rails excitably going “pick me, pick me!”

Do you catch yourself looking at other women on your way to work with envy? Or worst of all do you work in the...

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