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Uncategorized Nov 23, 2018

If you are like me, you are fed up hearing about Black Friday sales pitches, so instead just for fun, I’m going to write about Black Eyebrows instead!

I already had today’s style letter in draft format before one of the lovely models in last nights style show told me she had to ask for her makeup to be changed because she had “guerilla's eyebrows!” Jet black and fierce across her brow.

She had perfectly shaped natural dark brown eyebrows, why the makeup artist felt she needed to ink them in and quadruple their size I can only assume is in the name of fashion – not style.

When did it become fashionable to wax off our own eyebrows and replace them with thick black lines, which imitate having more hair on our foreheads than we do in our knickers? Seems like years ago I first came across the trend and thought that will never last – yet possibly five years on, it’s still a thing.

We get rid of every single hair down there in our pubic areas in fear of being thought of us ‘unattractive’ (by whom I have no idea because I certainly don’t go around flashing my undercarriage in public!) yet we are happy to add oversized fake brows to our faces; for all to see.

There’s hope though. Some are now sporting the no eyebrow look. Think Rhianna on the cover of September Vogue magazine. Is this a rebellion? Or an allergic reaction to the dyes used? Hopefully, somewhere there’s a sensible middle line….laughs at own joke.

Makeup and hair trends come and go just as fashion trends do and if that’s your style - to follow trends to the max then rock it, it’s you. But so many of the trends don’t suit all of us and just because it’s a trend, it doesn’t mean you’re wrong if you choose not to follow it.

Whilst I’m on the subject I think the balayage hair dye trend looks like you’ve had too much sun on your hair in the summer or that you are growing out an old colour! Sorry, all you balayage fans out there! It’s just that my hair naturally does this look and after years of hairdressers saying they wanted to chop off the old colour I got tired of explaining it wasn’t an old colour and started to dye it the opposite way to most. Darkening the ends to match my root colour.

We all have our own style, own it and love it without any apology for being you.

Choosing to be you will make your soul sing day after day, year after year over trying to keep up with who’s doing what to their eyebrows, their hair (up top or down below!) or of course their wardrobes.  Fashion fades, style is eternal.

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