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style advice Sep 27, 2019

I read an excellent article by *Arianna Huffington on the Style Gap between men and women with an overall message of “find something you love and wear it…again and again and again".

She refers to how much easier it is for men to get dressed and ready, even to make appearances on stage than women do. The Silicone Valley brigade male gets it even easier with the ‘uniform code’ amongst Techpreneurs being hoodie, t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.

Steve Jobs was famed for his black turtlenecks and jeans. Mark Zukerberg sticks to his grey t-shirts and jeans. Barak Obama is famous for having a very limited wardrobe with a selection of grey and blue suits. All deliberate choices to reduce the need to make a decision about what to wear. 

The idea of having to wear the same thing daily for a woman might bring disappointment but equally, it could reap benefits too.

According to a recent TotalJobs survey around three-quarters of women find the decision of what to wear difficult whereas, for men, 88% said they never worried about what to wear.

Having a ‘style guide’ to follow rather than a uniform rule could be just the thing to reduce the “I don’t know what to wear” dilemma we women face. It would reduce the time we spend making that decision or the time we spend making shopping decisions. All those minutes, that add into hours, which we spend deliberating outfit choices could be ours to do something entirely different, giving us more time in our day for other decisions or actions.

If we turn our backs on old ideologies and ignore the media pressure, which sells to us at every turn to consume new, have the confidence in our style and choices we would also require significantly less. I think repeating an outfit is a vote of confidence in your style and of course is a more sustainable choice too.

I’ve been toying with the Silicon Valley male dress code and have come up with a version that I think would be pretty darn easy to adopt and significantly more stylish too!

If you had to put together a weekday ‘uniform’ what would yours be?  

Imagine a world where it’s just as acceptable for a woman to wear something on repeat as it is for a man. It raises the question of who are we dressing for by not doing so? Would our male co-workers/friends even notice? Would women notice initially and then forget? Are we as women changing what we wear daily for our own feel-good factor or because it’s an ideology that has been sold to us? I know what I think but I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

Love what you wear and then wear it with love often.

Stylish Wishes


 *To read the Arianna Huffington article click here


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