What You Didn't Know About Ankle Boots

style advice Nov 09, 2018

Do you love the practicality of an ankle boot but when you wear them find that your feet look much bigger and heavier than they normally do? Or your legs look chunkier than normal, especially with a skirt?


So, you then tend to only wear them with trousers, but unless your trousers are wide enough at the hem for the boot to disappear up inside they still don’t look quite how you want them to?

Well here are the reasons why!

LK Bennett this season, has provided me with the perfect opportunity to explain as they have the same shade of red boot in two completely different styles.

The biggest factor on how flattering an ankle boot is when worn is the line it makes where it stops on the ankle. A boot that dips forward at the front (image on the left) or even has a wedge cut out of the front of it, as a few styles do, always looks more flattering than the boot on the right which finishes in a straight line, chopping across the ankle.

To minimise the chopping effect wear the same colour on your legs as the boots themselves whether that is skinny jeans or opaque tights.

The toe shape – A pointed or almond toe shape will elongate the appearance of the foot and also the leg (image on the left.) If you are concerned that you have thicker calves or ankles, pointed toe ankle boots are your friend.

A rounded or square toe will make the foot look wider and potentially heavy. If you have small dainty feet and very slim legs this is a good style for you to balance and give the illusion of shape to the leg.  Meghan Markle, please wear this style and not pointed versions as her legs are uber slender!

Heels – the thinner the heel the lighter the boot will look. Same as with shoes so not really new news here but something to consider.

Leather finish – Patent leather because it reflects light makes your feet appear smaller than they are. Suede absorbs light and will make them look larger than if you were to wear the exact same style, in a patent finish. 

The style of boot you choose is absolutely dependent upon your style DNA. Your preference may be for a heavier, more chunky look or you may prefer the more streamlined look. In my world, there is a place and time for both. It’s what I combine them with that tells me which boot I want to wear with which outfit. Generally, I will avoid anything that is cut straight across my ankle unless it’s under jeans. I have been known to wear boots straight at the ankle with a dress, but they have to be high, not low like these, to add back the length to my leg that cutting them straight across does.  

Remember when you try on something and it makes you feel a bit ugh about yourself,  that it’s not you! Your legs haven’t suddenly gained inches, nor have your feet grown overnight, it’s the style of the boot and how you are wearing it that is not working for you, so please, no shaming your feet or legs this season! 

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