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body positivity Oct 24, 2018

Why are so many of us unhappy with our own bodies?

Do we have any idea what real female bodies look like anymore? We appear to be bombarded on a daily basis of 'perfect women' with their 'perfect bodies'. We begin to see our own bodies as somewhat imperfect - we are either too fat, or too thin, too short or too tall, and so on. But there is no wrong way to have a body, we just think what we have is wrong.

It’s a huge step to turn decades of marketing and idealism around. We must stop being slaves to fashion media ideals and learn how to be true to ourselves. We must encourage all of us to ignore the media and the idealism that fashion marketing pushes upon us at all ages.

Many women just don’t know where to start or at the first knockback, their confidence can be torn from them. But we have the most wonderful tools available to help us be more body positive and kind to ourselves. We simply need to get more women to understand how to use them to their great advantage. What are these wonderful tools you may ask? The answer is simple - clothes and accessories.

Megan Crabbe is a young blogger from the UK who was diagnosed with anorexia at the age of 14, but now runs a variety of social media platforms where she encourages other women to love their own bodies for what they are. She says...

“YOU'LL NEVER HATE YOURSELF INTO LOVING YOURSELF. Trust me, I've tried. I've hated myself into diets, I've hated myself into binging, I've hated myself into weight loss, I've nearly hated myself into an early grave, 15 years old and almost starved to death. None of it took the hate away, it only helped it to grow. I had so many dreams of the body that would FINALLY make me happy. I would've traded anything for it because I knew that once I got there, then my life would really start. But here's the truth: there is no magic pill, potion or diet plan that will turn self-hate into self-love. And the biggest secret that diet culture doesn't want you to know? Happiness is not a body type.”

Shopping for more clothes will never turn those parts of you that you are unhappy with into parts of you that you love. It may hide them but that’s not the solution. For as long as you are focused on covering up or camouflaging what you don’t like about yourself, instead of spending your energy on accentuating what you love about yourself, you are heading down the wrong track. Learn how to identify parts of your body you love and ONLY focus on how to accentuate them with clothes and accessories. It’s not magic; it’s the base of great style at any age and any size.

It’s not when you lose those pounds, or when you are through the menopause, get a new job, or when the kids are finished school or any other excuse that you make which prevents you accepting the wonderful body and gift of life that you have right now!

It’s OK to have ‘you time’ now because when you feel great about yourself, everyone around you benefits too. The right clothes and accessories mixed with a little savvy style knowledge are the best tools a woman can have to give self-love a fabulous kick start.

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