How to Look Younger By Wearing Accessories

accessories style advice Jul 31, 2019

Find out how by introducing accessories to your outfit can take years off how you look.

Hoop Earring 

A hoop earring is an instant facelift and can take the focus off a jawline that is starting to sag (harsh but alas true ladies). The hoop really does take years off you and helps adds volume to your face where we most often need it. Lulu uses this trick all the time. Twiggy and Elle Macpherson are also huge fans of the hoop. 

If you are one of those ladies who thinks the...

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Is it ok to wear gold and silver jewellery together?

accessories style advice Jun 19, 2019

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Something I come across often with my private clients and our members here at ASKAY is that many have very sentimental and precious pieces of jewellery that are made from traditional yellow gold such as wedding and engagement rings. They struggle with the idea of wearing a non-matching metal cocktail ring on the other hand.

But I say yes! You absolutely can. What you have to remember is that your hand with your...

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Different Ways To Wear Necklaces

accessories style advice Apr 16, 2019

Layering necklaces is a really simple but effective way of looking super stylish. It's a style tip that works so well to transform an otherwise basic look into a stunning outfit, and one I encourage you to experiment with.

Try to follow my guide for the ideal length for a short necklace and then for the longest one, aim to reach your tummy button. The rest is up to you! 

I hope these ideas inspire you to try wearing necklaces in different ways, do let me know what...

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