Spring stay at home capsule wardrobe ideas.

style advice Mar 27, 2020

This is my super simple 1, 2, 3 principle to create a capsule wardrobe.

Using only six core pieces and a few accessories you can create a whole range of different outfits to suit your day. Just because we are on homestay doesn't mean we shouldn't be showing up in a great outfit ever day!

This really simple principle also shows how much more creative we can be with much less. 

Step 1: Choose one warmth item. What you chose is about your style and your days. It might be a cardigan, a...

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What to wear when you have nowhere to go.

style advice Mar 27, 2020

No one could have imagined at the start of this year that we would be where we are today because of the COVID19 pandemic crisis.

It’s impacting all of us in direct and ripple effects daily. All sense of norm has gone; priorities and values have shifted as our lives revolve around staying at home, everyday. No makeup, no hairdos, PJ’s all day long if we want. It may even make us question why we put in so much effort previously to go out the door. Was it for others or was it for...

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Top Tips - How To Buy Quality Clothing This Season

garment care style advice Oct 09, 2019

As the temperatures start to tail off, dressing in warmer clothes or more layers kicks in. But what about the quality of our clothes? If we want our clothing to last longer and be more durable, how can we tell good quality from poor? It's not simply a matter of buying something more expensive. It's possible to find really good quality items in High Street chains, but you need to know what you are looking for. As a designer specialising in clothing specifically worn to go to work, quality is a...

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What Does What You Wear Say About You?

style advice Sep 05, 2019

Here's a fun little thing to do to adopt into planning what we wear.

Grab a note pad, your phone, post-it notes, just something to scribble on and try this quick exercise below. 

  1. Have a little reflect back on your favourite moments from the last 12 months. Kick that memory of yours into gear and think about some of the most fun and joyful times you had.
  2. Try and recall what you were wearing on that fun outing, a great day at work, on holiday, quality time with friends or family –...
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How to Look Younger By Wearing Accessories

accessories style advice Jul 31, 2019

Find out how by introducing accessories to your outfit can take years off how you look.

Hoop Earring 

A hoop earring is an instant facelift and can take the focus off a jawline that is starting to sag (harsh but alas true ladies). The hoop really does take years off you and helps adds volume to your face where we most often need it. Lulu uses this trick all the time. Twiggy and Elle Macpherson are also huge fans of the hoop. 

If you are one of those ladies who thinks the...

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What Is The Best Underwear For White Trousers?

style advice Jul 07, 2019

How old were you when your mum stopped buying your knickers? When it was no longer about wearing little girl pants and you didn't want your mum to know what you wore? 

For me it was probably around the age of 16, but there have been various occasions when shopping with mum in the years since when grabbing those essentials from Marks & Sparks she has still insisted on paying for them. Please note how that last sentence was worded. She paid for them. Didn't choose...

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Secrets to Style Success

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How To Dress Smart Casual For Summer

style advice Jun 28, 2019

This week I'm showing you how to dress smart casual for summer using my simple 1,2,3 steps to easy style formula!

The principles apply to all outfit planning, or style and colour combinations. Once you have mastered the 1,2,3 style formula you will wonder why now one told you about this before now! 


Stylish Wishes


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Is it ok to wear gold and silver jewellery together?

accessories style advice Jun 19, 2019

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Something I come across often with my private clients and our members here at ASKAY is that many have very sentimental and precious pieces of jewellery that are made from traditional yellow gold such as wedding and engagement rings. They struggle with the idea of wearing a non-matching metal cocktail ring on the other hand.

But I say yes! You absolutely can. What you have to remember is that your hand with your...

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