Different Ways To Wear Necklaces

accessories style advice Apr 16, 2019

Layering necklaces is a really simple but effective way of looking super stylish. It's a style tip that works so well to transform an otherwise basic look into a stunning outfit, and one I encourage you to experiment with.

Try to follow my guide for the ideal length for a short necklace and then for the longest one, aim to reach your tummy button. The rest is up to you! 

I hope these ideas inspire you to try wearing necklaces in different ways, do let me know what works for you and show me your ideas too.


Coco Chanel was probably most famous for her pearls but you don't need to restrict layering necklaces to just pearls. She mixed pearls with metals too.

The most popular look is to layer with 3 necklaces, but you don't have to stop there. More can work too, as long as they complement one another and you don't feel too weighed down by all your jewels. 

Simply adding a longer necklace in addition to your shorter one still makes a style statement. It's two very different looks when you opt for chunky over fine, or for colour versus metal. It is all about your very own personal style DNA which look you opt for, or the occasion. 

This last image talks for itself, so go on make a style statement using your accessories.

Stylish Wishes!


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