Does My Bum Look Big In This?

style advice Mar 29, 2019

Jeans. A staple garment in every woman’s wardrobe. Maybe not blue, maybe not even denim but the design of the 5 pocket jean has been copied and used in a multitude of fabrics since its creation sometime after 1873 when the original 3 pocket jean was patented by Levi Strauss & Co. Spring/summer always has a focus on wearing more denim, or simply jean styled trousers, in strong colours or even prints.

Did you know that the size, shape and position of the back pockets significantly alter the appearance of your derriere? Look out for the following if you are trying new jeans this season.

Jeans and trousers are one of the hardest garments to get to fit a woman’s body. If you think about it logically, we are expecting four flat pieces of fabric to wrap around two cylindrical legs whilst joining onto one round torso. That’s tricky right there! Then the torso might have more of a bulge for a tummy than a bottom or vice versa so you can understand some of the challenges pattern cutters face and hence all the variances there is when it comes to how a trouser fits you. Remember don’t blame your body if it takes multiple 'try-ons' to find something that fits you well. We are all different and there will be some that fit better than others based on the body block used to make them.

Once you are happy with the feel of the jean on, the leg styling, the body rise or where it stops on your tummy, the way it looks at the front crutch (no camel toes please) spin around and check out what’s going on behind you. They’ve got one more test to pass before they tick all the lasting style boxes for feel-good factor.

The back hip pockets


For me, this is the major factor deciding if they are a yes or a no. 


Ideally, they are proportional, not so large they cover all of the bottom and make you look shapeless, and not too tiny that they make your bottom look bigger than you want it to.


They can be heart shaped pockets (if there were such a thing) provided they are perfectly placed, as the actual shape of the pocket is not quite so critical as position and size. However, pockets which lean towards being more of a triangle in shape rather than squares or oblongs; especially those with angled tops can look less flattering on certain shapes. If you carry weight lower on your hips this can create the illusion of being broader than you are or your bottom dropping lower than it is.

This is perfect 


All bodies are perfect as they are, it’s simply by knowing these things style and design tips we can enhance and celebrate what we have. I’m cheering you on never putting you or your bottom down!

Stylish Wishes!


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