How To Clean Training Shoes

garment care Jul 09, 2019

A little time and a little elbow grease can transform your tired training shoes. You know we love our Superga trainers at ASKAY and they work hard for their money all year round, but especially so during the summer. Gardens, beaches, streets and bars they go everywhere, but what to do when they are looking a little worse for wear? 

All you need is some baking soda, a nailbrush or old toothbrush, a Johnson's baby wipe and a little bit of time. That's it! Simple. The baking soda will remove all the dark marks on the white rubber and leave it super white again. The babywipe, although I know it's not biodegradable, I struggle buying them but when used to give new life to existing items, I can justify using them. They do need to be Johnsons - I haven't had the same results with other brands. They take marks off the leather but do not rub too hard or you can damage the surface of the leather. Lastly, always rinse away all baking soda residue as it could perish the glue over time.

It goes without saying to wash the laces too or replace with some new cotton ones. There are some great coloured cotton laces and so many ingenuous ways of tying them, you really can reinvent and revive your training shoes by doing this one step alone!

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