How to Look Younger By Wearing Accessories

accessories style advice Jul 31, 2019

Find out how by introducing accessories to your outfit can take years off how you look.

Hoop Earring 

A hoop earring is an instant facelift and can take the focus off a jawline that is starting to sag (harsh but alas true ladies). The hoop really does take years off you and helps adds volume to your face where we most often need it. Lulu uses this trick all the time. Twiggy and Elle Macpherson are also huge fans of the hoop. 

If you are one of those ladies who thinks the only thing she can wear is a stud earring then just ease yourself up one step at a time and try a small chandelier earring and watch how the focus is suddenly away from a jawline and all about the earring. 


Image Credit: The Sun Newspaper 


Cocktail Ring

This style of ring makes your hands look more youthful as it takes the eye onto the bold ring, and not onto the hands that have worked hard for a few decades! Go as large and bold as you like or keep it simpler but make sure the cocktail ring is a feature. Even those amongst us who think their fingers are unattractive, too stumpy or are too old for rings are surprised at how it can change the appearance of their hands and now have fun wearing different rings as their style confidence grows.


Wrist Cuff or Bracelet

Will take the eye away from the tops of our arms and become the focal point. I know how many of you dislike your upper arms (and you shouldn't!) but if you are not confident with their appearance a statement cuff or bracelet will complete many an outfit. They will become your best friend, especially in summer with all the sleeveless tops and dresses.

Long Necklace

You can wear a long necklace, which is set of beads/pearls, or try a chain with a pendant. The most flattering place for it to finish is just reaching your tummy button. This will make your tummy look flatter and slimmer as it gives the illusion of elongating your upper half. If you are fuller on the bust, necklaces that finish on the bust area are the hardest styles to carry off as they can look frumpy and dare I say it matronly! If you have lots of these leftover from years gone by, see if you can shorten them so that they sit nicely in the neckline of some of your tops instead.

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