How To Make Your Clothes Look Like New

garment care Mar 15, 2019

I’m going to share some of my more unusual garment care tips to keep your clothes looking like new. For some of you, this might be a repeat but I am mentioning these again because since starting my 30 Day Challenge in March to restyle my existing clothes, I’ve found myself giving extra TLC to the things I own. Mum, I’m warning you; if you’re reading this, don’t faint!

My laundry room is currently impeccable. Clothes that haven’t been worn for a few seasons are all freshly laundered, some only on the steam setting so no detergent added, just freshening the garment, a vast amount of spray starch has been used and ‘seen better days’ t-shirts and tops now look ready for the catwalk. The ragbag which consisted of very knackered old cotton things is depleted as the shoes, boots and leather handbags have all been nurtured and polished too. I could open as a shop with all my gleaming, good as new cherished items.

I’ve washed down the insides of my wardrobe with a white vinegar solution, put fresh conkers gathered in the Autumn in tissue paper and replaced all the existing ones in drawers and wardrobes to keep the little cashmere chewing critters at bay. I’ve not read anywhere that conkers repel moths as much as they do spiders – but I haven’t had a moth chew a chunk out of a prized item since using them this way so I’m either very lucky or it does actually work. I can’t stand the smell of lavender and cedar balls didn’t work in the past, so conkers it is for Kay.

Here are my top five TLC garment care activities that I’ve been doing this week 

1. Johnsons Baby Wipes.

I’m not a mum but I know the magic of baby wipes. For a light lipstick stain on the neckline or little foundation mark, no need to wash the whole garment just baby wipe it off. Shoes with black scuff marks? Yep. Baby Wipes takes it off super easy.

2. Toothbrush and Baking Soda

No, not to whiten my teeth but to whiten the edges of my trainers. Forget CIF and nasty chemicals that can attack the rubber or glue. 

3. Cashmere Comb

Be gone little fluffy balls. I groom the horse, the dog (and I’m also back loving the results of body brushing my legs and arms  - I’m not a beauty blogger so won’t go there but boy does it give your skin a great silky feel!) So with all this “grooming” going on I thought it was time to get my cashmere looking respectable again. I have pretty much lived in it for the past 4 months so it was overdue. They also take abuse when you wear a jacket on top as you can see on the inset pictures below. (Also see next tip.) Here's a link to the comb I use, it's super easy and quick and I think the results you can see below speak for themselves!

4. Unpick Side Labels

Unpick side labels from all the garments you wear over something. Yes really. They rub on your clothes below and cause all sorts of unnecessary damage. Labels used to be softer but quicker and cheaper ways of printing them over the past decade and more means they are notoriously sharp and quite brittle which means their little edges can do heaps of damage and pilling to whatever you wear underneath. Plus what used to be one small label is now a whole cluster of the little feckers desperate to destroy anything slightly delicate it may encounter. 

5. Suitable Hangers

Real proper grown-up hangers. No laziness of when it comes back from the dry cleaners leaving it on those nasty wire hangers; which I call cruelty to clothes. I have purged my wardrobe of those evil, silhouette-distorting pieces of twisted nastiness and reached for my rubber-coated rounded curved hangers or eco wooden ones for tailoring. There were only five wire hangers hiding in my wardrobe but five was way too many. Note to self. Don’t allow even one to be present!

Loved clothes really do last.

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