How To Remove Deodorant Stains From White Tops

garment care Aug 02, 2019

Summer is my favourite season and white is my favourite colour. But how many white tops have you got that have yellow stains from deodorant on the armpit and you have to discard each season? Stick deodorants seem to be particularly guilty of turning clothes yellow but when you love your favourite deodorant (you can’t get me to part with my Donna Karan Cashmere Mist – it smells fabulous and is so gentle) it’s not an option to change just to get rid of yellow stains on white tops.

They are not dirty; they have just become stained over time. It’s so annoying! Well, as you might have expected I have tried all the housewives tricks from baking soda to lemon juice to vanish gold and good old elbow grease and nothing has impressed me as much as this stuff I found on Amazon. Nothing has even come close to the results this gives!

See the below before and after pictures as proof. My laundry room will not be without Deo Go!





A mixture of fabrics from 100% cotton to cotton-modal blend to 100% polyamide. It’s miraculous.  It does suggest trying a piece initially in a non-conspicuous area just in case but so far so good with all the different tops and shirts I have tried.  

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