Is it ok to wear gold and silver jewellery together?

accessories style advice Jun 19, 2019

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Something I come across often with my private clients and our members here at ASKAY is that many have very sentimental and precious pieces of jewellery that are made from traditional yellow gold such as wedding and engagement rings. They struggle with the idea of wearing a non-matching metal cocktail ring on the other hand.

But I say yes! You absolutely can. What you have to remember is that your hand with your wedding ring is your precious hand and think of your other hand as your fashion hand where you can wear whatever takes your fancy. You absolutely have our permission to mix up those metals. I've taken a few pics of my mum when she was over visiting doing exactly that!

I also thought it would be useful to share this simple picture guide to what is the perfect length of short pendant necklace with your neckline. I'm not saying you can't wear your necklace if it doesn't sit "just so" but what I am saying is see how much better it looks when it is balanced in the middle when wearing a round neck.

This can make your neck look longer than it is by wearing it this low. For some of us that isn't always flattering.

This is too short as it draws a line around the base of our necks which is OK in your youth but harder as you age and not so easy to wear. Remember when you put a line around the body the eye is attracted to that area. It applies to jewellery as well as hems.

The feature of the necklace is centred between the points of our collar bones and the top of the neck run.

I often see this when the necklace catches on the neck run of the top. Sometimes it drops inside and becomes hidden, sometimes it sits on top. Many chains on the market today come with the ability to fasten them at a variety of lengths. Or why not purchase a few necklace extenders as these little gadgets are fabulous for perfecting your look.  

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