What Does What You Wear Say About You?

style advice Sep 05, 2019

Here's a fun little thing to do to adopt into planning what we wear.

Grab a note pad, your phone, post-it notes, just something to scribble on and try this quick exercise below. 

  1. Have a little reflect back on your favourite moments from the last 12 months. Kick that memory of yours into gear and think about some of the most fun and joyful times you had.
  2. Try and recall what you were wearing on that fun outing, a great day at work, on holiday, quality time with friends or family – anything at all! (In my life it was walking the dog in blissful sunshine, participating in events, and girls getaways).  
  3. How did you feel on those days? Some words for starters but not limited to - Happy? Confident? Joyful? Loved? Respected? At ease? Comfortable? Bold? Proud? Inspirational? Put some words alongside the memories.
  4. Now go back to what you were wearing on those days. Note down what was significant about what you wear wearing. Just one thing is sufficient. The colour? How well it fitted you? The neckline? The style of the dress/top/jacket? Necklace...? etc.
  5. Here comes the comparison part. Did the clothes you wore, match how you felt? Yes? Perfect! You want to do more of that - each and every day. I don't mean wear the exact same combo of clothes, but clothes that make you feel the same way.
    Not really? That’s OK too. Now is the time to identify what you could wear to help you to feel differently.
  6. So now, my little challenge to you is: review all you have noted and write down the 3 words you want your clothes to make you feel this season. Just 3 words.

Each time you have that frustrated “What shall I wear?” question don’t focus on the specifics of an outfit, think about how you want those clothes to make you feel. Need an extra boost and reminder? Stick them inside your wardrobe! Or on your full-length mirror!

So indulge in dressing up as much as you want! There is a caveat of course; you are using your existing clothes and accessories.

You never know, by doing this little exercise it may also show you a key piece that is missing from your existing wardrobe and buying what you do actually need to get more wears from your existing items is still a sustainable approach to shopping. Your new item can be even more sustainable by being a purchase from an ethical and sustainable brand, second hand, or a clothing swap.

Remember it’s not what others think about what you are wearing, it’s how your clothes make you feel. Your body, your emotions. Go decorate, embellish and dress up for you each and every day.

Have fun with this and make sure your style makes you feel fabulous each and every day!

Stylish Wishes!


Header Photo by Cyrus Crossan on Unsplash


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