What Is The Best Underwear For White Trousers?

style advice Jul 07, 2019

How old were you when your mum stopped buying your knickers? When it was no longer about wearing little girl pants and you didn't want your mum to know what you wore? 

For me it was probably around the age of 16, but there have been various occasions when shopping with mum in the years since when grabbing those essentials from Marks & Sparks she has still insisted on paying for them. Please note how that last sentence was worded. She paid for them. Didn't choose them. Not that my mum has poor taste in undies - simply that her idea of comfy and practical undies are different from mine. And that's OK. I still remember my mum saying how she couldn't go anywhere without her pantie girdle on as she felt 'underdressed ' or too casual, without the support they gave her. Personally, they filled me with horror and even when Bridget Jones kinda made a new version cool to wear again, it still doesn't work for me. 

Boy shorts yes, techie stretchy seamless undies, yes. And my search for ones without a gusset or seams that leave me with saddle sores from my horse riding is ongoing. 

As much as I do wear the occasional G-string when nothing else will perfect my look I still think of this expression from a comedy show I watched where a mum advises her teenage daughter when looking at a G-string that it is nothing other than "a superhighway for bacteria from your bum hole to your business!"

I have no idea how many versions or styles of undies there are on the market but it's vast and there is certainly much more to consider than simply being a drip tray for your bits! When it comes to wearing white trousers, and being in your 40's or older there are certain styles you should consider. I don't like being the bearer of unstylish news but VPL is only part of the problem. The 'V's" where your undies cut your bottom cheeks in half is a very unsightly look on any woman's derrière and alas the older we get those buns of steel can be cut into by even the finest or the smallest amount of elastication on the leg of your underwear. 

Why not treat yourself to my suggestions below so you really understand what to shop for to prevent the 'V’s - especially important when wearing white trousers.  

Here are my top 3 suggestions. 

1. This smooth line full brief is great and also comes in a mid-rise version. 


2. I'm a big fan of the boy short style of knicker.  

3. These support and control ones are also a winner.  

Stylish Wishes!


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